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Osmer Correction Tape (5mm x 6M) Assorted Colours (One Individual Pack)

Osmer Correction Tape (5mm x 6M) Assorted Colours (One Individual Pack)

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Experience the next level of precise correction with Osmer Correction Tape in a vibrant assortment of colours – a dynamic solution for seamless edits and a burst of creativity. Crafted by Osmer, a trusted name in quality stationery, this correction tape offers a smooth and accurate way to fix errors without any mess. The 5mm x 6M size ensures lasting use, and the assorted colors add a playful touch to your correction routine.

Whether you're in the office, school, or at home, this correction tape is a reliable companion for maintaining neat and error-free documents. Elevate your correction game with Osmer Correction Tape – where precision meets a pop of colour for an efficient and visually appealing editing experience. Secure your pack now and make corrections with flair! 


Smooth flowing sideways action- easy to use.

Dry erasure process, ready to write over.

Assorted Colours - Orange, Blue, Pink or Green (No external packaging)

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