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Marbig Sticky Notes 75x75mm Yellow

Marbig Sticky Notes 75x75mm Yellow

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Transform your workspace into an organised haven with Marbig Sticky Notes in vibrant Yellow – the perfect companions for jotting down quick reminders, to-dos, and flashes of inspiration. Crafted by Marbig, a brand synonymous with reliability, these 75x75mm sticky notes add a burst of sunshine to your desk. The bright Yellow colour ensures your important notes stand out, while the ample size provides enough space for detailed messages. T

he adhesive backing ensures they stick securely to various surfaces, keeping your workspace tidy and your thoughts organised. Elevate your note-taking game with Marbig Sticky Notes in Yellow – where practicality meets a pop of color for a more efficient and visually appealing work environment. Don't miss out on this essential office companion; grab your pack now and infuse your workspace with a dash of vibrancy!


  • 100 self-stick 75 x 75mm removable notes per pad

  • Bright yellow to ensure your messages always stand out

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