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Osmer Plastic Ruler 30cm (Clear)

Osmer Plastic Ruler 30cm (Clear)

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Upgrade your measuring precision with the Osmer Plastic Ruler – a reliable and versatile tool crafted for accuracy in every detail. Created by Osmer, a trusted name in quality stationery, this 30cm ruler is an essential addition to any workspace. The durable plastic construction ensures longevity, while the clear and easy-to-read markings make measuring a breeze.

Ideal for students, professionals, and creatives alike, this ruler is perfect for both straight-line tasks and intricate projects. Elevate your precision and streamline your work with the Osmer Plastic Ruler – where functionality meets durability for a measuring tool that stands the test of time. Secure yours now and experience the convenience of accurate measurements at your fingertips!

Features and Benefits include:

This ruler is made From special safety shatterproof plastic.

Scale - 300mm on one edge and 30cm on the other edge

Size - Ideal to fit most pencil cases

Clear - Able to see what you are ruling over easily

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