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Osmer Whiteboard Markers - 4 Colour Wallet (Fine Tip)

Osmer Whiteboard Markers - 4 Colour Wallet (Fine Tip)

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Revolutionise your whiteboard experience with the Osmer Whiteboard Markers 4-Colour Wallet featuring Fine Tip – a set meticulously crafted for precision and clarity. Brought to you by Osmer, a trusted name in quality stationery, these markers boast quick-drying ink in four vibrant colors, allowing your ideas to pop on the whiteboard surface. The fine tips deliver sharp, detailed lines, making these markers perfect for both writing and intricate illustrations.

With low-odour and non-toxic ink, they are suitable for various settings, from classrooms to offices. Elevate your visual communication with the Osmer Whiteboard Markers 4-Color Wallet (Fine Tip) – where fine lines meet bold expression for a set that enhances your writing and drawing on the whiteboard. Secure your wallet now and bring precision and vibrancy to your presentations!


* 4 colour wallet contains BLACK, BLUE, RED & GREEN marker

* Bullet tip

* Draws a line 1 - 3mm 

* Strong Vivid Colours

*Low Odour Formula 

* Made Using Recycled Materials

* Erasable

* Leaves No Shadows 

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