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Paper Mate Ball Point Pens 8 Pack (Black)

Paper Mate Ball Point Pens 8 Pack (Black)

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Unleash the power of smooth, reliable writing with the Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens 8-Pack in classic black – a must-have for every writing task. Crafted by Paper Mate, a brand synonymous with quality, these pens offer a consistent and effortless writing experience. The medium-point tip glides smoothly across paper, leaving behind rich, bold lines that command attention.

Whether you're taking notes, jotting down ideas, or signing important documents, these black ballpoint pens are the perfect companions. With a pack of eight, you'll always have a reliable pen at your fingertips. Elevate your writing game with the Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens 8-Pack (Black) – where classic design meets dependable performance for a pen set that ensures your words leave a lasting impression. Secure your pack now and experience the joy of effortless and bold writing!


  • The nibs of these ballpoint pens from Papermate are medium 1.0mm in size, perfect for all general-purpose writing and note-taking!

  • The papermate feature a unique ink system that delivers effortless writing with crisp, clean lines.

  • Features a handy pocket clip in the same colour as the ink.

  • The triangular barrel design helps with comfort and reducing fatigue.

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