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PVA Glue 4 Litres

PVA Glue 4 Litres

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Prepare for a seamless and extensive creative journey with Osmer PVA Glue in the expansive 4-litre size – a colossal adhesive solution for all your crafting and project needs. Crafted by Osmer, a trusted name in quality stationery, this PVA glue offers an abundance of bonding power for large-scale endeavors. Whether you're working on substantial art installations, classroom projects, or professional presentations, the 4-litre size ensures you have ample glue to tackle even the most ambitious tasks.

The non-toxic and washable formula adds to its versatility, making it suitable for various materials and safe for all ages. Elevate your adhesive game with Osmer PVA Glue 4 Litre – where reliability meets a vast supply for a glue that effortlessly supports your grandest creative visions. Secure your 4-litre container now and embark on a limitless journey of artistic possibilities!


* Twist top

* Acid Free

* Non toxic

* Safe for children

*Dries clear

* Strong Adhesive

* Washable

* Solvent Free

*Bonds most porous materials such as paper and cloth, and semi-porous materials such as wood and pottery

*4 Litres bottle for classroom or frequent usage

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