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Sharp Scientific Calculator Black/White EL-531TH

Sharp Scientific Calculator Black/White EL-531TH

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Empower your academic journey with the Sharp Scientific Calculator EL-531TH in sleek black and white – a reliable companion for students, professionals, and anyone in need of advanced mathematical functions. Crafted by Sharp, a trusted name in calculator technology, this scientific calculator offers an array of features, including trigonometric, logarithmic, and statistical functions.

The two-line display ensures clarity in calculations, while the dual-power source provides flexibility with both solar and battery options. Perfect for students tackling complex math problems or professionals requiring precision in their work, the EL-531TH combines functionality with user-friendly design. Elevate your mathematical capabilities with the Sharp Scientific Calculator – where precision meets performance in a stylish black-and-white package. Secure yours now and make every calculation a seamless and efficient experience!

This Sharp Scientific Calculator is a great option for use during your high school examination. It utilises Direct Algebraic Logic for easy operation and displays equations as you would see them in a textbook.


  • This scientific calculator is suitable for school and classroom applications.
  • It shows 2 lines so you can see your calculations and up to 10 digits.
  • It is powered by 1 AAA battery.
  • The playback functions allows you to recall any of the last 142 steps you've made.
  • The slide-on hard cover will help to keep your calculator protected when not in use.
  • You can use the calculator to complete up to 422 functions.
  • It comes with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.
  • It's been approved by the NSW Board of Studies for use in examinations.
  • It has a modern black design with a white trim.
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