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Sharpie Metal Permanent Markers Bullet Tip Black

Sharpie Metal Permanent Markers Bullet Tip Black

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Elevate your marking experience with the Sharpie Metal Permanent Markers featuring a bold bullet tip in classic black. These durable markers are designed for a variety of surfaces, making them ideal for labelling, outlining, or creating bold lines on metal, plastic, paper, and more.

The metal construction adds durability, ensuring that the marker can withstand heavy use. The black ink is fade-resistant, water-resistant, and quick-drying, delivering long-lasting and clear markings. The bullet tip allows for precise lines, making it suitable for both detailed work and broader strokes.

Choose the Sharpie Metal Permanent Markers with a Bullet Tip in Black for a reliable and versatile marking tool that stands up to the demands of various projects. Whether you're in the workshop, office, or engaged in DIY tasks, these markers provide a bold and resilient solution for making your mark on a variety of surfaces.

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