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Sharpie S.Gel Retractable Pen 0.7mm Assorted (4 Pack)

Sharpie S.Gel Retractable Pen 0.7mm Assorted (4 Pack)

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Unleash a spectrum of vibrant writing possibilities with the Sharpie S.Gel Retractable Pen 0.7mm in an assorted 4-pack. This collection of retractable pens offers a range of colours, allowing you to express yourself with flair and precision. Each pen features a fine 0.7mm point, ensuring smooth and controlled lines with every stroke.

Whether you're colour-coding notes, adding emphasis to your work, or simply enjoying a variety of writing options, the Sharpie S.Gel Retractable Pens provide a perfect blend of style and performance. The retractable design adds convenience to your writing experience, and the quick-drying ink minimises smudging for a clean and professional finish.

Trust in the Sharpie brand for quality and innovation, and bring a burst of creativity to your writing routine with the 4-pack of S.Gel Retractable Pens in assorted colours. Elevate your writing game with this stylish and versatile collection.

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