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Sharpie Tank Fluoro Yellow Highlighters (12 Pack)

Sharpie Tank Fluoro Yellow Highlighters (12 Pack)

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Illuminate your important notes with the Sharpie Tank Fluoro Yellow Highlighters, now available in a vibrant 12-pack. These highlighters feature a robust tank-style design, ensuring durability and a consistent flow of vibrant yellow ink. The chisel tips allow for broad strokes or fine lines, making them versatile for various highlighting needs.

Perfect for students, professionals, or anyone who needs to emphasise key points, the Sharpie Tank Fluoro Yellow Highlighters are a reliable choice. The fluorescent yellow color ensures visibility, while the large ink supply and durable construction make them suitable for heavy use in the office, classroom, or at home.

Trust in the quality and innovation that Sharpie is known for and enhance your highlighting experience with the Tank Fluoro Yellow Highlighters 12-Pack. Bring attention to the details that matter with these dependable and vibrant highlighters.

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