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Studymate Recycled Plastic Ruler - 30cm

Studymate Recycled Plastic Ruler - 30cm

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Introducing the Studymate Eco-Friendly Ruler – your essential tool for precise margin layouts and sustainable living! Crafted from recycled plastic, this 30cm ruler combines durability with an eco-conscious design. Embrace the convenience of centimetre and millimetre metrics for accurate measurements. The clear and sleek construction adds a modern touch to your stationery collection. As part of the 'Recycled Content' attribute in the People & Planet range, this ruler contributes to a greener future by utilising recycled materials, diverting them from landfills. By choosing Studymate, you're not only investing in contemporary design and everyday durability but also making a positive impact on both people and the planet. Join the wave of parents and students who prioritise quality, sustainability, and affordability in their back-to-school essentials. Elevate your study experience with Studymate – where function meets responsibility.

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