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UHU 50 mL Glue Pen

UHU 50 mL Glue Pen

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Introducing the UHU 50 mL Glue Pen – a revolution in adhesive convenience that combines the trusted strength of UHU glue with the precision of a pen. Crafted by UHU, a renowned name in adhesive solutions, this innovative glue pen offers a mess-free application for various projects. The 50 mL size provides ample glue for your creative endeavours, ensuring a secure bond on paper, cardboard, fabric, and more.

The pen design allows for precise and controlled application, making it perfect for both intricate crafts and everyday tasks. Displayed in a convenient hangsell format, this glue pen is ready to grab and go for all your bonding needs. Elevate your adhesive experience with the UHU 50 mL Glue Pen – where precision meets power in a format that's both practical and efficient. Secure your display now and bring a new level of convenience to your crafting and bonding projects.

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