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Expo Assorted Whiteboard Markers Bullet Tip (4 Pack)

Expo Assorted Whiteboard Markers Bullet Tip (4 Pack)

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Upgrade your whiteboard sessions with the Expo Assorted Whiteboard Markers Bullet Tip - a compact yet impactful 4-pack set designed for precision and versatility. Unleash your creativity with these markers featuring bullet tips that effortlessly deliver bold, smooth lines on your whiteboard. The assortment includes four vibrant colors – choose from vivid red, brilliant blue, classic black, and lively green to make your presentations, diagrams, and notes stand out.

Perfect for classrooms, offices, or collaborative spaces, this 4-pack ensures you have the essential colours to convey your ideas effectively. The Expo Bullet Tip markers offer a reliable and consistent writing experience, allowing you to express yourself with confidence. These markers are not just tools; they're an expression of innovation and quality that Expo is renowned for.

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